Regional Championship Qualifier (RCQ) Entry - July 13th 2024

Wizards of the Coast

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Begin your path to the Pro Tour right here at Top Tier Board Games!

This is our second RCQ of season seven and will be Pioneer format. The tournament will be run at Competitive REL, which includes decklists, tighter enforcement of rules, and penalties issued according to the IPG. The tournament will cut to top 4 with 8-16 players and top 8 with 17 or more.

Entry is $25 per person. Players will receive a promo Springleaf Drum just for signing up, and $20 in store credit will be put in the prize pool per player to be paid out to the top cut. Top 8 players will receive two promo Goblin Guide and a Top 8 pin, while first and second place will additionally receive a foil Goblin Guide and the Regional Championship invite. That's right, both of the top two will move on the Regional! The winner will also receive a special Champion lanyard set.
Note: invite is virtual will-call, not a physical item.

We're also throwing in some extra prizes given away randomly during the Swiss rounds, including a promo pack, an AFR Ampersand Promo draw, and a choice of Secret Lair!

This tournament will be capped at 44 players.

Decklists will be available on site, or you may print one out here:

Head Judge: Corey Simmons, L2

RCQ Season Seven #2
Entry: $25
Date: 12pm Saturday, July 13th
Format: Pioneer / Swiss with cut / CompREL
- $20 store credit per player in prize pool, paid out to top cut
- 1st: Champion lanyard set
- 1st & 2nd: Foil Goblin Guide, virtual will-call RC invite
- Top 8: Top 8 Pin, two Goblin Guide
- Participation: Springleaf Drum
- Random giveaways during Swiss