500 Years in the Future Prerelease Entry | One Piece - June 22nd


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The next One Piece Card Game set is nearly here - get ready for 500 Years in the Future!

We're hosting a prerelease for the newest One Piece set right here at Top Tier Board Games! Here's the breakdown: $34.99 + tax gets you six packs of the new set to build your deck and entry to the tournament, where you'll also receive your Prerelease Event Kit goodies. For this set that includes a participation card and a Prerelease Pack for each player. We'll run Swiss rounds based on attendance, with Booster packs of the new set paid out to top finishers and the winner receiving the Winner Card.

Matches will be best-of-one with a 35 + 5 minute timer. With less than 8 players, there will be 3 Swiss rounds. With 9-16 players there will be 4 Swiss rounds. There is no top cut for this tournament.

Limited quantities of booster boxes of the new set will also be available during our Prerelease, and players who purchase one will receive an additional Prerelease Pack, while supplies last.

We have a cap of 16 players for this tournament.

Note: We encourage players to add themselves to the event in the TCG+ app ahead of time to avoid issues on the day of the tournament, however ONLY prepaying in store or on our web store at the link above guarantees your place in the tournament. Those who sign up on TCG+ but do not prepay WILL NOT be guaranteed a spot in the tournament.

To brush up on the rules for Sealed, reference the document below:

Entry: $34.99 + tax
Start: 1pm Saturday, June 22nd
Format: 6 Pack Sealed / Swiss best-of-one / No top cut
- Participation: Participation Card and Prerelease Pack
- 2x boosters in the prize pool per player, paid out to top finishers
- Winner: Winner Card